This document explains how a user will be able to use Inventory items inside of a quote.  Please ensure you have Inventory enabled in your ServiceBox site and you have inventory items added.  If you have not yet set up inventory on your site then please follow the instructions in the Inventory User Guide here.

Inventory in a Quote

When you have inventory enabled in your site, you will now notice in the pricing area of the Quote there will be an additional category called Inventory.  This section will look like this:

You can do the following with inventory within the quote:

  • Check Availability of Inventory in all Locations
  • Add new items to be added to the quote

The Inventory table has the following columns:

  • Item Number - This is the inventory item number.  This is a searchable field where you may search both the item # as well as the description name of the item here in the same location.
  • Description - This is the inventory item description.  Not searchable, please search above in the Item Number searchable field for an item's Description.
  • Unit Cost - This is the inventory item unit cost.  This field is not editable.
  • Latest Cost - This is the inventory item latest cost.  This field is not editable.
  • Sale Price - This is the inventory Sale Price.  This is an editable field.
  • Quantity - This is the total number of items for the inventory item in the quote.  This field is editable.
  • Tax Level - This is the tax level for the item.  It will default to the tax level of the inventory item.  This field is editable.

To add inventory items to the quote you will need to search for an inventory number, and then adjust the fields that load initially if required.  You will need to enter in a quantity of items.  Then you will need to add the row.  The total amount of each row is based on the Sale Price X Quantity.  Each row that is added will be summed together to be part of the sub total for the inventory section.  We will factor in the taxes that was applied to each row is added to the taxes in the "Totals" section.

Note: You can apply all other categories into the Quote so that we do pricing for Labour, and Non Inventory items.  These will all be included in the total.

Taking items out of Inventory

So it is important to mention that an inventory item that is added to a Quote is NOT taken out of inventory when the inventory is added to the Quote.  The item is only taken out of inventory when the Quote items are added to a work order.  You will be able to transfer inventory items from a quote into a work order when the time comes.  To get a better understanding of how inventory items work in a work order please see here.

If you have any questions about this functionality please contact the Service Desk through the feedback button or to email