We have had a few users over the years ask us how can we view our ServiceBox calendar in another calendar, this document explains how to do this.  What this feature will do is it will take an individual users calendar and will provide a web calendar that they can open up in their external calendar.  The only challenge with this is the calendar that is viewed external is only refreshed based on the settings of the program you are using.  So it is possible that what you see in your ServiceBox calendar and what you see inside of your web calendar will be different. 

Where do I find my shared calendar?

To get the link for your shared calendar, open up ServiceBox and go to:  Username -> My Preferences.  When you click on the link it will copy to the clip board, you will need this url to open up the calendar in the external calendar program.  The url will look something like this:  (this is a sample and doesn't work).

Now you need to follow the instructions to add a web calendar to your device or 3rd party calendar.  If you can't find it in the list here, please google which program and add web calendar.

Some Sample Instructions

iPhone and iPad


Google Calendar


If you have any questions please contact or send in a feedback through the feedback button.