Some of our QuickBooks customers use Job Info attached to the customer to keep track of related job information for a customer.  In some cases, QuickBooks will prevent us from creating new job site information to a customer that has Job Info and so we had to create additional functionality to the Accounting Connector in order for us to handle this situation.  So, if you want to preserve this job information and to ignore pulling over Job Sites from ServiceBox this document will explain how to do this.

How ServiceBox Imports Job Sites from ServiceBox to QuickBooks

ServiceBox is built with the concept that all work is done at a job location.  So some of your customers will have at least one job location and can have multiple locations.  We wanted to allow for the same abilities within QuickBooks, so by default, we will pull over all of the job sites that are created in ServiceBox and create them as Jobs in QuickBooks.  This way if you choose to import in an invoice from ServiceBox it will attach the Invoice to the job site (and the customer) like below:

Now if you have Job info attached to a customer and with values entered like the below screenshot then QuickBooks will try to throw an error when the job sites from QuickBooks, so we needed to have a way to handle the Job Info section :

Configuring the Accounting Connector Customer/Jobsite Tab

Inside the Accounting connector, you will see a tab called Customers/Jobsites, in this tab you can configure the accounting connector to ignore importing Job Sites from ServiceBox to QuickBooks.  So if you want to import all job sites in from ServiceBox, then do not check off any of the checkboxes in this screen.  So if you do want to prevent any of the Job Sites from being Synced to QuickBooks Desktop then check off "Do not import Jobsites".  This will not import any of the job sites into the system.  If you want to select the customers' categories that will ignore the job sites then you can select all of the customer categories that are relevant.

Different options for Imports

1) Import Job Sites from SB, but remove QuickBooks Job Info Data from QuickBooks.  In order to import in the Job Sites from QuickBooks, the Job Info tab in QuickBooks needs to be cleared out.  If no values are entered then Job Sites will be imported in successfully.

2) Import Job Sites from SB, but you will receive a Warning that Job Info Exists, the options will be to 1) Manually make adjustments before importing Job Sites or 2) Ignore the Job Site import and create any invoices to Job Sites.

3) Ignore Job Sites from SB, if this is the option then this will ignore all Job Sites from ServiceBox.  All invoices will be created directly with the Customer. 

If you have any questions about this please send a Feedback in from the ServiceBox site or contact us at