To bill a customer for inventory items you will need to add the inventory items and their prices to the Invoice.  Inventory items cannot be added to the invoice directly but have to be added as pricing to the quote or allocated to a work order before being invoiced.  This is the inventory section inside the work order:

The inventory table in the invoice has the following columns:

  • Item Number - This is the inventory item Number.
  • Description - This is the description of the inventory item.
  • Avg Unit Cost - This is the inventory Avg Unit Cost.
  • Latest Cost - This is the latest cost of the inventory item.
  • Sale Price - This is the price that the customer is going to be charged for the item.
  • Quantity - The number of inventory items that are being charged for in the invoice.
  • Tax Level - This is the taxes for the individual inventory line.
  • Total - Is the total of the Sale Price X the Quantity.

Editing Inventory

When editing an inventory row inside of an invoice you will be able to edit a subset of items specifically: Description, Sale Price and Tax Level.  To edit these values click on the pencil icon and make changes as required and choose the green checkbox button.  

Adding New Inventory Items

We do not allow editing quantity directly from the invoice because we assume the inventory is "Taken out of inventory" at the work order.  So to add new items to the invoice: Add new items into the work order that corresponds to the invoice and then choose the "Add unbilled items From Work Order".  From there you can choose to "Add New Items" to add the new items added to the work order or "Reset Invoice" to reload all items from the work order.

If you have any questions about this functionality please contact the Service Desk through the feedback button or by emailing