This document will detail out how ServiceBox allows you to now do Job Costing within Work Orders.  Job Costing is the ability to view the Actual Amounts for a job vs a Quote.  We have added in the ability to enter in fixed costs for each individual user that will be used to calculated the costs related to Labor.  Also within the Work Order there is a new button called "Job Costing" where you will be able to generate a spreadsheet with all of the job costing values.

Users Cost

When you open up a user you will notice that there is a new section that will allow you to set the default labor items for a user and you will also be able to enter in the Cost for the employee.  This cost is what value is used to calculate the costing for the Work Order.

Job Costing in Action

In your ServiceBox Site, be sure you have entered in your user cost into a couple of users that you want to test.  Then go into ServiceBox and find a quote where there is a work order tied to it.  Go to the labor tab.  Ensure there is items entered in labor, materials, purchase orders.  Once you are ready click on the Job Costing Button.

Once you do this an xlsx (excel) file will be downloaded to you computer.  When you open up the file this is what you will see:


In the file there is 2 tabs:

  • Job Costing - This is a summary page for the job costing spreadsheet.  It includes the calculations and will also show you the difference between the quoted amount and the actual costs.
  • Labor and Materials - this tab will show the breakdown of the labor and materials that is used to calculate the Job Costing tab.

This is what the Labor and Materials tab looks like:

You will be able to edit and adjust the pricing in this spreadsheet as per your liking.

If you have any questions about the Job Costing Feature, please email our support desk at or send in a Feedback message.