This document will outline the main features of the Scheduler.  The scheduler is the location where an admin user can add work orders or events to a calendar for a specific user in your company.  

The Scheduler is made of of 2 main modes, default and dispatcher.  The default mode is a calendar view that shows the month, week, day calendars for the entire organization.  The dispatcher mode is a view that shows a daily calendar for all technicians so you can easily schedule for a single day.

To get to the calendar mode, in the main screen click on the Scheduler button:

This will bring up the scheduler in a new tab:

Getting Around the Scheduler

Schedule Types

The Scheduler has 2 types of time slots that are allowed on the scheduler: Scheduled Events or Work Order Time Slots.  A scheduled event is a calendar item for non work order events such as appointments, time away etc.  A Work Order time slot is a time item related to a work order.  Multiple users can be scheduled to the same work order.

Work Orders 

The top left corner of the scheduler is where all of the work orders that have been created in ServiceBox are.  This doesn't include any "Closed" work orders.  

You can do the following:

  • Filter based on the work order status
  • Choose to view work orders that have been scheduled vs ones that haven't (by clicking on the "Hide Scheduled" checkbox)
  • You can also search for a specific work order by using the search bar

Scheduled Users

The bottom left corner is where you are able to select or deselect the users that you want to view on the scheduler.  If a user is checked it will appear on the scheduler.

You can do the following:

  • Choose to Select All users or deselect all users. 
  • Check individual users you want to view on the scheduler

Time Slots

All of the scheduled items on the scheduler are called time slots.  Each time slot is assigned to an individual active user in ServiceBox.  As you will notice each time slot color corresponds to the user that was assigned to the time slot.  You can edit a single time slot by clicking on the time slot and editing.

Changing Mode

As mentioned above there is 2 modes in the scheduler, the Normal mode or the dispatcher mode.  You can change the mode you want to work in by clicking on the button in the top right corner "Toggle Mode"

Postal Code Search

If you have this feature turned on you will be able to highlight the work orders that are within a range of the postal code mentioned.  All highlighted time slots and work orders will appear in blue.

Add new Items to the Scheduler

Drag and Drop from Work Order List

On the left hand side is a list of work orders that have been created in ServiceBox, once you use the filters, search etc to locate your work order you can drag and drop the work order to the scheduler.  It will create a one hour time slot in the period that you dropped the work order to.  Also the time slot will be set to the user that is the assigned to user for the work order.

Click Directly on the Scheduler

If you click on a specific time slot a pop up will give 2 options: "Add a Scheduled Event" or "Add Work Order".  To create a new work order, choose "Add Work Order", you will be able to create a new work order that will be created in the time slot you choose.  You will also be able to assign this to a single user.  If you choose "Add a Scheduled Event", you will be able to add in a Scheduled event which is a non work order time slot.

Adding Scheduled Events

A scheduled event is a way to enter in an appointment into the scheduler for a specific user.  This will block out the time for the user in the scheduler.

The options are as follows:

  • Title - The details of the Scheduled Event
  • Description - More info about the Scheduled Event
  • User - You can create an event for all users (such as a team meeting), or for an individual user
  • All day - check this off if this is an all day event.
  • Start and End Date and Time - When the event takes place
  • Repeat Type - you can create a scheduled event that will repeat based on a period.

Moving Time Slots

Dragging and Dropping

You can move a time slot for a scheduled event or a work order to another period by dragging and dropping or editing the specific item from the scheduler.

Editing the Work Order

You can edit a Work Order Time slot by clicking on the time slot.  A pop up will appear that will allow you to adjust the date and time.  You need to hit the change button to make the adjustment.

Editing the Scheduled Event - Non Recurring

When editing a scheduled event you have the option to Change the Event or Delete the event.  If you want to change the date choose to Change the Event.

Editing the Scheduled Event - Recurring

If you have an event that is set up as recurring then you will get the option to edit the recurring event or to adjust only the single event.

If you have any questions about how to use the scheduler email our support team at or to send in a feedback using the feedback button.