Have you ever had the need to keep some attachments so that you cannot have the ability to send them to a customer.  With Internal attachments, you can set attachments to be internal and this will hide internal attachments from being selected when emailing or printing.  We hope this can prevent any accidental emailing of important info.  To turn on internal attachments you can go to Settings -> Plan -> Features and select “Internal Only Attachments”.  If you would like to have all attachments to default to Internal then also select “Default Attachments to Internal Only”

Once you are in a Quote, Work Order, or Invoice, you will be able to select the option of "Internal Use Only".  Once this is selected it will save the attachment at internal use.  Any attachment that is set as internal use will not be able to be sent in any emails or created in any pdfs to be sent to customers.

When selecting attachments only non "internal" attachments will appear: