In ServiceBox we have created the most flexible way to handle taxes by allowing for multiple Sales Taxes to be created as well as Tax Levels.  The Sales Tax is the individual tax and the tax level is a group of 1 or more taxes.  When connecting with any accounting product we need to link the Taxes in ServiceBox with the Taxes in QuickBooks Desktop.  

If you need details on configuring all of the Accounting Connector for QuickBooks Desktop then please click here.

Taxes in ServiceBox

To Add/ Edit Taxes in ServiceBox you can do this in the Settings screen.  Go to Username -> Settings -> Taxes.

Sales Taxes

In ServiceBox we have Sales Taxes which are the individual rates, and Tax Levels, which are combination of rates. On invoices, taxable line items will have a tax level assigned.

Taxes in QuickBooks

If you have any questions about how QuickBooks uses and configures taxes, here is an overview of the Sales Taxes in QuickBooks:

In QuickBooks US, there are three sales tax related items. 

- Sales Tax Codes (Lists->Sales Tax Codes) are simply there to indicate that a line item is taxable or non-taxable.

- Sales Tax Items - (Lists->Items) are the individual tax codes for items.

- Sales Tax Groups (Lists->Items) are used to combine Sales Tax Items together.

Accounting Connector

For USA customers / USA QuickBooks be sure to check off the "U.S. Edition" on the "Connection" Tab.  Once you do this it will enable both the "Tax Levels" and "Tax Codes" Tabs.  If you do not see these tabs please ensure you have "U.S. Edition" selected.

Tax Rates Tab

The tax codes tab links ServiceBox Sales Taxes with QuickBooks Sales Tax Items.

Once the tax groups are created then we can link the ServiceBox and QuickBooks Desktop Taxes together.  

Tax Levels Tab

In this tab the "Non-Taxable Tax Code" is related to the "Sales Tax Code" Above.  So the "Non-Taxable Tax Code" is "Non-Taxable Sales"

You will also have to link each Tax Level from ServiceBox into a Sales Tax Group in QuickBooks.

If your company does not have tax groups created.  We will need to have a sales tax group created for each "Tax" that will be applied, then these items need to be linked back to the ServiceBox Tax Codes.