When I run the sync I am getting a screen that lists conflicts, what am I supposed to do?

This screen appears when the sync finds issues that it doesn't know how to resolve. One example might be a customer that it is trying to download from ServiceBox has the same name as a customer in your accounting file. You will have an option to link these two customers together. You can choose to do this by selecting the conflict in the top list and clicking the 'Resolve Automatically' button. When you click OK on this form, the connector will link these two customers together and you won't get this conflict message again.

In the bottom list of the screen are any conflicts that the connector cannot automatically resolve. An example of this would be having two customers in ServiceBox with the same name. Since the accounting file cannot have two customers with the same name, there is no way to automatically resolve the issue. Instead you will have to manually edit the customer in ServiceBox to have a unique name. For individuals, the company name can be appended to the individuals first name and last name to provide for a more unique name going into the accounting system. This is configured in the settings screen. For companies, this is just company name.